Outdoor Bean Bags

There’s nothing better than sitting down on a bean bag and letting the feeling total relaxation take hold. As you exhale deeply and close your eyes, there’s no other place in the world you’d rather be. Except sat in your garden enjoying the sun on a gorgeous summer’s day. Well now you can with outdoor bean bags!

Whether you’re looking for a sun lounger or a merely a comfy seat to enjoy a good book or talk with friends, an outdoor bean bag should be your first choice. Sitting on a rock hard chair is nobody’s idea of fun, so why put up with it? The out doors are there to be enjoyed, and as such you don’t want to be constantly thinking about your aching back or bum! Enter the bean bag- so comfy you could be sitting on air.

There’s no better way to enjoy the summer than enjoying a few cocktails on the lawn or decking with your nearest and dearest. Sunbathe all day, and enjoy a candle or fire lit meal at dusk, full of joking, laughter and fun! Can you think of a more relaxing way to go about this than on a beanbag? You don’t have to keep them outside either- if you have a conservatory, they’ll make for unrivalled furnishings, so you can entertain guests anywhere you like.

The good thing about outdoor bean bags is that they are made from stronger materials that will stand the baking sun, morning dew, sun cream or even the odd shower if you dash inside and forget about your pride and joy. You don’t need to worry about dirt and dust either, because outdoor beanbags can be easily cleaned to always look as good as new!

There are a plethora of out door bean bag designs and styles to suit everyone’s tastes. If you want a light coloured one to stick in the sun, or a quirky blue one to put around your patio furniture, you’ll have no trouble finding exactly that.

In the summertime, when the weather is fine, there’s no better way to enjoy it than lounging around outside on the most comfortable piece of furniture you can get your hands on. With an outdoor bean bag, simply sit back and let your worries fade away!

Bean Bag Chairs

There’s only one piece of furniture that can rival the comfort of a bean bag, and it’s no surprise to find it’s a close relative. Bean bag chairs are making a comeback, and in a big way. No self respecting style guru would be without a bean bag chair in their living room these days. Gone are the days of an expensive sofa; pay less and get more comfort with a beanbag chair!

Let’s be clear that while bean bags and bean bag chairs are commonly thought to be the same thing, they are in fact different items of furniture. While they do share similarities, and offer frankly mind boggling levels of comfort, any relaxation connoisseur will be able to tell the difference.

With bean bags, the clue is really in the name- they are bags full of beans…duh! They come in different sizes and can be sat on, used to put your feet up or as the ideal bed for pets. On the other hand, bean bag chairs are generally hard enough to sit upright on, but soft enough so that you don’t become uncomfortable. Some bean bag chairs even come with back rests like normal chairs. The benefit of using the latter is that you can use them at a dining table, in an office, or any situation where sitting down for long periods but remaining erect is essential.

You’ll commonly find bean bag chairs in trendy bars, night clubs, libraries and even coffee shops. Where sitting down and chilling out is the name of the game, a bean bag chair is usually there. Who wants to sit on a hard wooden or metal chair when you can sit on a bean bag? It’s pretty clear why they are so popular.

Like their relatives, bean bag chairs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs and colours. You can generally find the right one for a room without looking too hard. You don’t need to be an interior designer to pick out a good bean bag chair either- it isn’t difficult. Just think of the colour you want, the height you want to sit at and the kind of design you want. Retro, modern, old school. The sky is really the limit.

By now the benefits of bean bag chairs should be pretty clear- they offer a much more comfortable alternative to standard chars. If you need any more convincing, go and sit on one. It’s advisable to go with a partner though to help you get up when you get that ultra relaxed feeling!